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A collaborative project where video games are used as an educational tool to show the effects of cannabis consumption.

Details of the program:

  • Creation of a digital card playing game where children work in groups to create pairs of cards. To create the pairs, the children will have to read the information on the cards.  Images on the card will be centered around a national mascot.
  • Length of the game will be 30 minutes and the tournament will last 60 minutes allowing time for replay
  • Games will be played on a LAN based tablet
  • Children receive educational material related to the dangers of cannabis. Educational material will be developed by competent authorities
  • Educational material will contain images of the mascot. Research has shown that animated characters can assist children in making positive lifestyle choices
  • Video game development will be made in collaboration between universities and local industries. Financing of this project will be made possible through crowdfunding and fundraising


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